The Hating Book

The Hating Book is one of my favourites from the works of Charlotte Zolotow, beautifully illustrated by Ben Shecter. Simple, very very simple.


01 The Hating Book

02 The Hating Book

Have you ever hated a friend?

A friend who hurt you by ignoring you. A friend who, one day, stopped being a friend without any prior warning. Just like that. Have you ever lost a friend to hate?

Then this book is for you. And me.

03 The Hating Book


04 The Hating Book


05 The Hating Book


06 The Hating Book

Remember the knot in your stomach, when you tried to think of what you may have done wrong? And then the wringing of your heart, when you try to pretend that you don’t need them anyway. And the turmoil of moving on.

07 The Hating Book

Did you ever lose a friend to pride? To ego. To fearing that the rejection you are suffering, will be put in words, if you ever asked. They will tell you they don’t need you, and that they hate you, and it would break you even more. You’d rather hate them more.

08 The Hating Book

What a thing to carry, this pain and fear, as children. We can barely get around to dealing with it as adults.

09 The Hating Book


10 The Hating Book

Have you saved a friendship because you swallowed your ego and overcame your fear of being rejected? And made a discovery that misunderstanding, rather than hate, was the distance between you.

Then this book is for you. And me.

11 The Hating Book

What a thing to possess, as children, the courage to communicate in spite of fear. We can hardly bring ourselves to the thought, as adults.

“Between what is said, and not meant, and meant but not said, most love is lost.”
– Khalil Gibran

Dedicated to my best friend since 24 years. 



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