Hug Me

In a culture that constantly recommends emotional stability and a measured display of affection at most times, it is possible to underestimate the worth of expressing love in the sincerest form.

Simona Ciraolo’s Hug Me is an endearing and mildly heartbreaking account of a cactus named Felipe. Coming from a family that did not get the one thing that Felipe so truly wanted…

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It’s not always that a lack of emotional outlet within the family is what sets one seeking. Humans are built to be curious. To explore. To make friends. But not all friendships are what we expect them to be. And we are meant to learn that, too.


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It may not be that two are mismatched from the word go. Incompatibility may arise at any time, because we are all constantly evolving. Without any control, slowly, but definitely. But when that results in the end of a friendship, what is it that can hold us? Heal us?

Faith. Time.

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17 Hug Me

And love.

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Learning to enjoy one’s company, and being complete by one’s own self, is a hugely liberating experience. But it is born out of self-worth, and self-love.

This one isn’t the same.

Felipe’s solitude is a reaction and replacement to rejection.

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Some of the most basic sentiments end up being complicated, thanks to filters by society, culture, and our own mind. Expression, be it in matters of art or the heart, needs to be kept free and abundant.

It may be possible to co-exist among family / relatives / friends that don’t entirely get us. If that means finding the set of people who seek the same expression as you, the same needs as you, and reflect your worth with their love, then let’s find them.

And they will make us stronger.

31 Hug Me

“One day someone is going to hug you so tight,
that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.”

– Author Unknown


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