Lost and Found

There is no bigger source of profoundness than innocence.

No wonder, each narration by Oliver Jeffers is a journey of contemplation
on everything we take no notice of.

Lost and Found speaks of the adventure a little boy sets out on,
in order to help a penguin he just met.

But is that all?

Lost and Found 01


Lost and Found 17


Lost and Found 02


Lost and Found 03


Lost and Found 04


Lost and Found 05


Lost and Found 06


Lost and Found 07


Lost and Found 08


Lost and Found 09


Lost and Found 10


Lost and Found 11


Lost and Found 12


Lost and Found 13


Lost and Found 14


Lost and Found 15

Lost and Found beautifully portrays what selfless friendship can do.
It can be determined and relentless to bring happiness to a friend.

As loyal friends with good intentions, we seem to have
this inherent need to solve problems for those around us.

But are all those, who come to us, seeking a solution?
Will it make me less of a friend, if I cannot provide it?

To give ourselves a sense of purpose,
we’ve turned friendship into a personal form of ‘social cause’.

We must go back to childhood, to remember what it was all about.

Companionship. The most underrated virtue today, at least among adults.

Friendship can be about presence, and presence alone.
Presence that needn’t say anything or do anything to justify its existence.

It just is there. It’s enough.

Lost and Found 16


“I stopped trying to be perfect when I realised it’s enough to be present.”
– Curtis Tyrone Jones


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