Shh! We have a plan

Set in a night palette of deep, inky woods, Chris Haughton tells of a shadowy four,
who set out to catch a bird.

They have a plan. And the tiniest of them seems to care very little for it.

Cages and net in hand, they tip-toe, climb up, paddle down
for the effortless bird, who glides away.


Shh! 01


Shh! 02


Shh! 03


Shh! 04


Shh! 05


Shh! 06




Shh! 09


Shh! 10


Shh! 11


Shh! 12


Shh! 13


Shh! 14


The plot twist by the tiniest of the four becomes a riot of colours in the inky woods,
deep in the night.

How do we pursue what the heart wants?
With a plan. With a plot. With reason and calculation.
With the mind.

Is it because we do not consider it to be an equal with us?

Maybe, it need not be a pursuit to ‘acquire’,
because nothing, or no one, really belongs to us.

So, what is the highest sign of equality?


Let’s try friendship. Who knows, it may even last forever.

“The language of friendship is not words, but meanings.”
– Henry David Thoreau


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